What People Are Saying...

Sophie Nemethy with the Creative Canopy is a miracle worker. I have used other graphic designers and was not nearly as happy with their style of service as I was with the Creative Canopy. In the past it took months to just get a logo designed and approved, plus I was never a 100% satisfied with the results. When I gave my ideas to Sophie, she paid close attention to what I was envisioning and asked a lot of questions upfront that would help her better understand what I was looking for. I have to say that never ever, has someone hit the nail on the head like Sophie did. She showed me her rough drafts and it just clicked with me. Since then she has done business card designs, websites, brochures etc. for me for 4 other businesses and has hit it out of the ball park every single time and at the first go around. I am extremely happy with their work and will be a client for life. Thank you Creative Canopy.

Karl Kuester / Anchor Pest Management

“Love her artistry!”

Sophie is an artist! I hired her to do a mural on my storefront, which she executed beautifully. On a more personal note, I asked her to help with the design of my tattoo because the tattoo artist wasn’t quite getting it...although it was close. Sophie listened to my thoughts and practically read my mind then put it on paper! She is truly talented :)

Jenelle Gordon / FIX Salon

Sophie Nemethy is one of the most talented people I know. Her attention and detail that she applies to her clients' needs are truly impressive. She has unbelievable creativity and ability. I have used her services myself and have also referred her to others, and she always hits the mark with her projects. Sophie is truly unique and I will continue to refer her to anyone with a creative or artistic endeavor!

Derek Mulkey / Distinctive Stone

“She’s called the Creative CANopy and not the Creative CANTopy for a reason...”

Sophie with The Creative Canopy is without a doubt one of the most talented graphic artists in Charleston (maybe even the world - but I don’t get out much, so I can’t say that for sure). So before I even knew Sophie as a person, I had already seen her work around town. From popular business logos to huge wall-expanding murals on buildings, her work is literally scattered around town. Her footprint here is huge. Once I was chatting with a friend and admiring their newly made business logo and I immediately had to ask if it was Sophie’s work. No other graphic artist I know would put that much heart and soul into a logo design. Sophie has helped me create Christmas cards for my clients, and it’s her attention to detail and uniqueness that makes her work stand out. She gets to really know her clients to figure out what will fit their personality as well as their business. I highly recommend Sophie and The Creative Canopy for any (and all) of your business graphic art needs. She rocks.

Alex Shi / Charleston Payroll

Sophie with The Creative Canopy is not only a great graphic designer, but a wonderful artist as well! She helped me with the design of my company's blog and she can really do anything. Branding, websites, illustration -- you name it, she can do it!

If you're looking for a graphic designer or artist in the Charleston area, Sophie should be at the top of your list!

Sherry Hering / Property Manager